About Us

ReadingDux Developers Heather Smolka and Glyn ParfittBSc. Ma. DipEd.
Heather Smolka and Glyn Parfitt BSc MSc DipEd

Glyn Parfitt has taught from primary level, through high school and into tertiary level. The higher level teaching was in the areas of science and maths, while his primary teaching was specifically in the area of remedial reading. He was also a home-schooling parent for a number of years. 

Heather Smolka qualified as a naturopath but spent a number of years home-schooling before becoming a teacher aide in a private Christian school. While there she developed a passion for teaching reading to struggling children and began to develop the Reading Dux Program. In time when the effectiveness of the program had been firmly established, she coordinated the implementation of the program within the wider school curriculum. She now dedicates herself full time to the reading dux program where she continues to develop resources, train parents and teachers, and privately tutor students.

Glyn and Heather have together, contributed many years of experience, combined with studying the latest research into the best methods of teaching reading and literacy, to bring you this comprehensive, fully integrated, up to date, reading program. A program that can be used equally well by parents, home-schoolers, teachers and teacher aides to help slow learners and to accelerate the learning of others. 

No child should have to experience the devastation to self esteem, and future success, that illiteracy brings.

Preventing this wherever we can has been our motivation in producing the Reading Dux program

I would like to thank my family for their unwavering support while I have been working on this project, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who inspires us with the desire help other people.          

 Heather Smolka