B3 02 Reading Dux Book 3 Flashcards


  • Perfect for reinforcing new sounds
  • Combination letters on the front
  • Key word image on the back coordinates with Book 3
  • Laminated and cut ready for use
  • Recommended for use with book 3 and 4


This colourful set of 34 flashcards, provide easy reinforcement for the  sound and letter combinations taught in book 2 and 3. Colour coordinated with book 3,  these cards can be used as a stand alone set. They include the five basic vowel sounds from Book 1 and the sounds taught in Book 2, along with all the new book 3 sounds. As with the previous flashcard sets, They can be used during book 3 as an alternative to the sound lists provided in the book, and/or they can be used for additional revision once book 3 has ben completed. It is recommended that you use flash cards at least some of the time as children often remember sounds by association with the order they are in. While this is helpful initially, the reliance on location needs to be gradually broken and flash cards with their random order of presentation are perfect for this. I have also found that most children prefer to use the flash cards when given the option.