B1 02 Reading Dux Book 1 Letter-Sound Flashcards


  • Perfect for reinforcing letter sounds
  • Lowercase letter on the front
  • Key image on the back coordinates with Book 1
  • Laminated and cut ready for use .
  • Recommended for use with book 1 and 2


These colourful laminated flash cards are the perfect companion for Book 1 and 2. I particularly recommend them for revising the Book 1 letter sounds while continuing on with Book 2. They allow for extra focus on difficult sounds and the image on the back provides a quick memory prompt when needed. I recommend using flash cards at least some of the time as children often remember sounds by association with the order they are in. While this is helpful initially, the reliance on location needs to be gradually broken and flash cards with their random order of presentation are perfect for this. I have also found that most children prefer to use the flash cards when given the option.


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