B1 01 Reading Dux Book 1


STRUCTURED LITERACY made easy with this complete step by step reading, writing and spelling course. 

Perfect for PARENTS, TEACHERS, and HOMESCHOOLERS to use to give every child, the gift of READING FOR LIFE!

Watch your child’s excitement grow as Book 1 unlocks for them the mystery of the written language. In small simple steps they are taught the basic sound of each letter and how these sounds blend together to form words.

Book 1 of a 5 part set

Suitable for children aged 5 to 9 years



Book 1       FIRST STEPS:

Reading Dux Book 1 is carefully designed to make learning to read both fun and achievable for all children. No more guessing or memorising words. Now your child will learn how to confidently read words in or out of context.

Each lesson includes revision, and new material to ensure that the old is retained while the new material is taught.

Book 1        Teaches:

  • The basic sound of each letter of the alphabet.
  •  How to blend these sounds into simple words.
  •  How to write each lower case letter correctly.

By the end of this book most children will be able to  read 61 simple words.

Teaches using methods repeatedly proven to be the most successful in teaching children to read.

Sample Lesson:

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