B2 01 Reading Dux Book 2


STRUCTURED LITERACY made easy with this complete step by step reading, writing and spelling course. 

Perfect for PARENTS, TEACHERS, and HOMESCHOOLERS to use to give every child, the gift of READING FOR LIFE!

Enjoy with your child their satisfaction as they confidently read their first sentences.

Book 2 of 5 is suitable for 5 to 9 year olds



Book 2     NOW WE’RE WALKING:-

Book 2 Teaches:

  • The Names of the Letters
  • The Uppercase Letters and how to write them
  • Additional sounds.
  • Irregular high frequency words
  • Story reading.

Putting words together into stories. In doing this we are careful to only use words in the story that the child has previously read. This makes the story reading fun and enjoyable without the challenge needing to guess or decipher unfamiliar words. In addition the words used are repeated often so that the child becomes  increasingly familiar, and confident with them.

Along the way your child will learn about vowels and consonants and how they combine together in different ways to create some new sounds. These will be practiced in new words to help both with the retention of the sound, and with learning how to blend the new sounds together with the basic sounds they learnt in book 1

By the end of this book most children will be able to read and answer simple questions about a picture, and be able to read at least 395 words.

Sample Lesson:


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