B4 01 Reading Dux book 4


STRUCTURED LITERACY made easy with this complete step by step reading, writing and spelling course. 

Perfect for PARENTS, TEACHERS, and HOMESCHOOLERS to use to give every child, the gift of READING FOR LIFE!

As Tim and Meg enjoy exploring the beach, your child will enjoy digging deeper into the complexities of the written  language, while their reading skills soar to new levels.

Book 4 of 5 is suitable for 6 to 10 year olds


Book 4    Ready to fly


  • Syllable identification for tackling bigger words.
  • Adding suffixes.
  • The lazy vowel (schwa) sound.
  • Long and short vowel usage.
  • Bossy ‘W’ rules.
  • 14 new ways of making long vowel sounds.
  • 12 new consonant combinations or blends.
  • 481 new words.
  • A story vocabulary of 420 well known words.

All taught in easy steps with exercises and rhymes to help with learning and retention.

Sample Lesson: