Sonrise Christian School Reading Dux Testimonial At Sonrise Christian School we care about every student and their learning potential. Many students are coming to school with different learning needs. Over time we have noticed how our reading results started to deteriorate. We have trialed different interventions to support our struggling students. One of the programs we have trialed is the Reading Dux Program. We targeted our ‘at risk’ students who had the lowest reading levels. This program helped turn non-readers into readers who can now fully participate in normal classroom learning. We were so impressed with the results that we moved from a 1:1 program, to implementing it whole class. Our students love the program because it is fun and quickly develops their confidence ………… no more guessing. Teaching staff love the program as it comes with teaching resources, ready to be used. It is well structured, easy to follow and implement. We would highly recommend the Reading Dux Program to any school which is looking for a quality structured literacy program to lift reading levels in your school. Nga Mihi Nui Wendy Gabriel PRINCIPAL Sonrise Christian School 451 Nelson Road Gisborne New Zealand